Near the campsite as well as from Saint Martin Cantalès and from other villages in the neighbourhood, there are several medium distance walking trails (between approx. 6 and 12 km, which will take you between 2 and 4 hours). These trails take you past some wonderful views. The trails are well marked and at our campsite are leaflets available, telling you about the special sights along the way.

From Saint Christophe les Gorges you can walk down to the chapel. In the area between the two rivers the view is magnificent.

The quite active rambling association of the village of Saint Martin Cantalès organises regularly rambles, for instance to the Gorges de la Maronne.

Near the village of Salins you can walk under a waterfall and then cross the river by a rope-bridge.

In the wider vicinity there are many trails, short ones (PR = Petite Randonnée) as well as long ones (GR = Grande Randonnée). There are the Monts du Cantal, where the highest mountains are the Puy Violent (1594 m) and the Puy Mary (1787 m). After climbing, the beautiful panoramas are rewarding. 

Really worth exploring is the abandoned railway, which runs over the overpass. And for the adventurous explorer, there are the tunnels to pass. Be sure to take a flashlight!

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